Welcome to Heart Based Medicine

Medical Professionals wearing scrubs with their hands touching in a circle.
Dr Jan Bonhoeffer introduces his vision for Heart Based Medicine and transforming the practice of medicine worldwide.

There is nothing like building a strong community for impact.

Our Vision Health care is heart-based according to all patients by 2030.

Our Mission To co-create heart-based medicine complementing evidence-based medicine.



Dare to care?

Dare to Care is a book about the magic of medicine and life. In this book, you will be reminded that essential harmony and well-being is your natural state, and what you have been looking for in any doctor you have sought.


The Heart-Based Center

Our flagship center in Basel Switzerland, is a health center for Heart-Based medical and therapeutic advice and assistance


Donating to our bank account

When donating directly to our bank account, please email contact@heartbasedmedicine.org.

And Include:

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