Heart-Based Medicine — Trademark Guidelines

A trademark is a word, phrase, symbol or design or a combination of words, phrases, symbols or designs, that identifies and distinguishes the source of the goods of one party from those of others.

The Heart-Based Medicine logo represents the heart Based Medicine organizations collectively. For marketing activities, we will put the Heart-Based Medicine logo on marketing documents, web pages, etc. without identifying which company is using it.

The Heart-Based Medicine companies use the Heart-Based Medicine brand for products, services, licenses, certifications, the “system”, etc. When the term “Heart-Based Medicine”  is used for these branded items, combine it with a noun to clarify:

Examples: Heart-Based Medicine programs cover a wide variety of topics. Practice the Heart-Based Medicine Techniques  every day. Note: when using “technique” with a registered trademark, capitalize it, in-house preference.

TRADEMARK USAGE RULES – for protection of your trademark

  1. ALWAYS use a trademark as an adjective, accompanied by an APPROPRIATE noun.

The integrity of a trademark requires that you do not join a trademark to other words, symbols, or numbers, either as one word or with a hyphen. Do not abbreviate a trademark. Do not use a trademark as a verb. Do not use a trademark as a noun. Never use a “plural” form of a trademark.

  1. ALWAYS use the proper spelling and the proper trademark symbol

The trademark symbol ™ and the registered trademark symbol ® are best shown in superscript or subscript. If the symbols or superscript are not available, such as in email communications, use parentheses, e.g., (TM) or (R). The general rule is to use the symbol the first time the mark is used in both the title and the content of a document, email or web pages. The overall website(s) will have a Heart Based Medicine Trademark Guidelines page.

This page is  a list of all of the registered ® and owned but not registered ™ trademarks.

  1. ALWAYS use trademarks and brand names in the ways they were intended to be used.

Trademarks and brand names exist to identify the source of specific products or services as determined by the owner and they should not be used otherwise. Consequently, the source of the product or service must be identified through use of acknowledgments (attributions) in any document produced by a third party that uses any of the Heart-Based Medicine companies’ trademarks. An attribution statement in a document is usually in a small font size, at the end or on the copyright page at the beginning:

Heart-Based Medicine is a registered trademark of the Heart Based Medicine Foundation heartbasedmedicine.org

The same rules as above apply to trademarks owned by third parties.

Heart Based Medicine Trademarks

Official Trademarks – Registered or applied

Heart-Based Medicine ™

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China 2018

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