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Take the Time to #DareToCare

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Let’s come together to support healthcare workers around the world and #DareToCare.

As healthcare professionals experience incredibly difficult circumstances, how can we help support them when they need it most? If we take a moment to #DareToCare it can make an unimaginable difference in someone’s life. So what can you do to help your local healthcare workers?

Join the movement here and get the latest information on how to support healthcare providers from around the world.

Then, take the time to #DareToCare and share your gratefulness to a healthcare worker that you know. Whether it’s a simple Facebook post or an Instagram image, show your gratitude to the people that care for you and use the hashtag #DareToCare so everyone can see your appreciation.

Let’s come together and help those that help us because all it takes is a moment to #DareToCare.

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