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Whatever stage you're at in your career, there's always something new to learn. The Skills Lab is refreshed weekly with heartful practices, interviews, tools and articles to boost your skillset and confidence.

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Trusting Your Intuition (4)

Daring to Care (4)

Presence & Connection (4)

  • Who really dies?
    When we embrace the experience of one's passing with love and light, it can change how we view death.
    4 Minute Read
  • Modeling Love
    This story tells the importance of supporting patients to change their inner state.
    6 Minute Read
  • Mindfulness: Presence and your Practice
    Remember the last time you felt fully awake, aware and engaged? How to practice mindfulness
    4 Minute Read
  • Life is More Intelligent than Medicine
    The lessons I didn’t expect to learn from a teenager about medicine and the life force
    4 Minute Read

Reflecting on Mistakes (3)

  • Reflection – A Daily Practice
    Dr Jan Bonhoeffer shares a daily reflective practice he uses to learn from mistakes
    5 Minute Read
  • The Power of Reflection
    How just 15 minutes of reflection a day can be enough to learn deeply from an experience
    2 Minute Read
  • How I let Rebecca down
    Why medical training can numb our compassion and how we can practise a different way
    5 Minute Read