Steve D’Annunzio


Open Space

An open space event unleashes the best of ideas that people in a group can collectively share. Instead of the group sitting passively listening to an expert lecture, any participant can host a topic they care about – initiating an active process of co-creation. It’s a well structured game that combines strategy, team building and getting things done – all around issues people care about – and that’s what creates engagement. It is a self-organizing practice of inner discipline and collective activity which releases the inherent creativity and leadership in people. By inviting people to take responsibility for what they care about, Open Space establishes a marketplace of inquiry, reflection and learning, bringing out the best in both individuals and the whole.


Steve D'Annunzio is an author and co-creator of twelve books, many businesses and artistic projects that have the common theme of alleviating human suffering and improving the welfare of humanity. He owns and leads two consulting companies. The first is called Mission-Driven Advisor, which works exclusively with financial services firms; money managers, life insurance agents, and mutual fund sales people. Steve works with the owners of these companies by helping them transcend limiting beliefs to become level-5 leaders.

The work strengthens relationships and value received by all stakeholders, increasing profitability. The second company is the Soul Purpose Institute, which teaches people how to remove a hidden mental defect that obscures their ability to clearly see their life purpose. Once they see it, they are then mentored to create a product or service that is powerful, purposeful and profitable. Steve’s believes his greatest accomplishment is raising three fantastic, high-functioning people in Jenna, Colin and Alicia. He is a member of the Transformational Leadership Council, an international think-tank for thought leaders, and lives with his family in Rochester, NY.

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