Jan Bonhoeffer


Introducing Heart Based Medicine

Heart Based Medicine is a natural overflow of my work over the last many decades in global public health and vaccine safety. I was concerned to protect people, particularly children, from dangerous viruses that can create enormous disease and suffering. After a particularly strong “wake-up call” a few years ago, I recognized that we were all ignoring the “virus” that creates the most suffering worldwide. Not only does this virus affect almost every child in the world, sooner or later, but I realized that, sadly, that healthcare professionals are frequently themselves transmitters of the virus. Health is our natural state in the absence of disease. Heart intelligence, or “love” is also natural, until we get affected by “not-love,” the most prevalent transmittable disease. The symptoms are: disconnection from yourself, from your essential goodness, from other good people, and ultimately from the very force that gives us all life. I found Heart Based Medicine as a global movement, a groundswell of fresh energy, and invitation to the future of medicine. More and more medical professionals all around the world are recognizing that unless they engage their hearts, and fully connect with their patients, they are failing to offer the best version of themselves, and then their healing potential is limited. HBM was formed to resuscitate the heart of healing within healthcare. Our vision is that every patient benefits from compassionate healthcare by 2030. Heart Based Medicine exists to develop and make available “vaccines” to prevent the spread of not-love. We realize that the wisdom of the heart is the greatest healing force. We aspire to put the patient back into the center of healing, more than a focus on disease. Heart Based Medicine is a nonprofit organization building worldwide community, to create and share methods of human centered care, where the doctor-patient relationship is the keystone to healing. Welcome to Heart Based Medicine!


Jan Bonhoeffer is Founder of Heart Based Medicine, a global network of health care professionals and patients exploring the natural healing potential of health care professionals and patients. He is Professor of Paeditrics at the University of Basel Children’s Hospital, Switzerland. He has built and led large global research networks to improve child health, has published over 100 scientific papers and book chapters on infectious diseases and vaccines, and worked with the World Health Organization to shape global health programs.

In 2015, Dr. Bonhoeffer underwent a significant shift in the way that he thought about medicine. He realized that moments of true healing occur when he is not simply executing state of the art medical knowledge but when he is participating in a healing event with the patient which he is not in control of. He realized that central to this is the quality of the interaction between the healthcare provider and the patient. It is in this space between them that innovation, insight, and healing happens. Ever since, Dr. Bonhoeffer focusses on the human-to-human transmission of disease and disease prevention not just on an organism level, but in the way that we affect each other in our state of consciousness, and the openness of our hearts. He set out to enable patients, healthcare providers and other open-hearted individuals to generate a field of love enabling healing in an unprecedented way.

Dr. Bonhoeffer is married to Dr. Jessica Bonhoeffer-Templeton, a developmental pediatrician, and the founder of Youkidoc Kindergesundheit, a heart-based medical center for children and their families in Basel, Switzerland. They have three adorable children.

Affiliated Website: https://heartbasedmedicine.org/