Bence Ganti


Building integral patient-client relations

In medical practice, it is time to allow love to be present in the doctor-patient relationship. What is often less known is that if we exercise a loving attitude towards our clients it might bring not only healing and wellbeing but also relational dynamics. Therefore it is often safer to not love people. But we shouldn’t avoid loving, rather we should learn how to work with love and skilfully navigate the dynamics, a relational art known by psychology. Understanding these principles and the stages of development can bring us to the new level of an integral heart-based medicine practice.


Bence Ganti, M.A. is an integrally oriented clinical psychologist and the director of the Integral European Conferences. As a dual citizen of the USA and EU, Hungary he bridges cultures delivering keynote addresses, presentations, and experiential workshops worldwide. His main focus is the stages of personality development up till the higher reaches of human nature based on Ken Wilber's work and other theories. He helps to get people to higher states in everyday life where heart and mind are connected.

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