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Why is Heart Based Medicine radically different?

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It taps into and relies upon what every medic knows but only a few dare to acknowledge. Authentic compassion and loving attention play a major part in healing.

All of us recover faster – psychologically, physically and mentally – when we feel loved, cared for, safe and connected. We also instinctively know that when we experience stress, discord and loneliness we are more prone to psychological, physical and mental illness.

Surely it makes sense to create a supportive environment in hospitals and doctors’ surgeries where people care for and are kind to each other? A place where the entire ambience is conducive to healing and where doctors, nurses and administrators are trained how to generate a feeling of love, safety and connection with people who are suffering?

The way we treat ill-health today is not working

Most of us became healthcare professionals because we wanted to relieve suffering. Yet somehow our calling has been buried under mountains of protocol and paperwork.

With fewer resources we have less time for our patients. We know we are failing the very people who rely on us. Taking a cookie-cutter approach to healthcare is not the answer. Every patient deserves our best. And every person we treat has vast stores of healing potential within them if only we know how to unlock it.

It’s time for a reboot

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There’s never been a better time to revise our understanding of health and our role as care-givers. Vibrant health is our birthright. Connecting with and communicating that spirit of love, forgiveness and acceptance to our patients is the true gift of healing. And that essence gets squeezed out of our practice when we reduce ourselves to simply analysing data, prescribing chemicals or performing surgery.

Heart Based Medicine educates healthcare professionals to practice medicine from the centre of their being. When you can be an example of vitality in someone’s life because you understand how to take care of your own physical body and mind, your loving presence will be healing.

Patients who receive heart based medicine report feeling that they’ve been truly seen and heard … possibly for the first time in their lives. When physicians are able to combine their professional knowledge with their natural healing ability, everybody benefits.

So what’s next?

Our intention at Heart Based Medicine is to enable healthcare providers and patients to co-create a healing environment which will change the way medicine is practiced.

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