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Episode 4 – The Roles Love and Laughter Play in Medicine with Dr. Patch Adams

Dr Patch Adams describes love for himself, love for his family, love of his patients and his love of all people. How does this love translate to his approach to medicine? How does his approach affect his patients, both young and old, male and female? And how does he use laughter to connect with a…

Episode 3 – A Systemic Approach to Heart Based Medicine with Daniel Schmachtenberger

People are called to a life path in the healing professions because of a care for the quality of experience of other people and the actual sacredness of human life and human experience and wanting to be in service to and devotion to that. Daniel Schmachtenberger describes heart-based medicine where the entire system of medicine…

Episode 2 – Empathy and the Placebo Effect with Dr. David Hamiltion

Dr. David Hamilton holds a PhD in organic chemistry and has been designing and developing drugs for many years with large pharmaceutical companies. What is the Placebo Effect? How do our emotions physically change our bodies? And how does empathy from a doctor to a patient affect that patient's response to them? When someone believes…

Episode 1 – How Deep Listening Can Improve the Doctor-Patient Bond with Natalia Rodriguez Vincente

Natalia Rodriguez Vicente is a doctoral candidate at Heriot Watt University at the School of Languages who is studying how patients who have no English at all access any health services and particularly psychiatry services, and how the presence of an interpreter affects the doctor-patient bond. How can this individual's role assist in creating a…

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