S03E01 Sharing Our Healing Journey

Heart Based Medicine
Heart Based Medicine
S03E01 Sharing Our Healing Journey

In the first of a 10-series episode kicking off Season 3, the Heart of Healthcare team explores different perspectives about healthcare and how it can be improved. Doctors Jan Bonhoeffer and Dan Dinenberg are joined by co-hosts Stephanie MoDavis and Dr Ruby Shah, Texas-based founders of Awakening Healthcare.

In this series, Stephanie will be taking the patient’s perspective, as someone who wasn’t finding the resources she needed when she first became a patient, while Ruby will be assuming the standpoint of a physician. Jan will explore the conversation from the perspective of the system, while Dan’s viewpoint will be that of a holistic healer and guide.

In episode 1 the team talk about how they first became interested in healthcare and why they care so passionately about it, and we hear their answers to the questions ‘What gets the patient involved in their healing journey?’ and ‘How do the patient’s stories align with the doctors?’

Jan explores the role love plays as a healing force, while Stephanie comes to the realization that a healthcare professional can only be truly effective if they practice caring for themselves first.

It promises to be an interesting journey…

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