S03E08 Disease

Many patients report not feeling truly seen, heard or understood by their healthcare professional. As physicians who see hundreds of patients each month it can be challenging enough to keep track of every case, let alone having a subjective understanding of what it’s like to live with a condition. In this week’s episode, our panel of doctors and patients explore what it means to see the patient before their disease.

As physicians it’s easy to miss vital information if we allow judgment or preconceptions to cloud our perspective before beginning a consultation. When we rush to assumptions because we’re operating in emergency mode, we all lose out! With a deeper connection and a willingness to listen and explore together, patients develop greater trust and an accurate diagnosis becomes more likely.

How would you like to be treated as a patient? Could the future of healthcare be founded on an equal relationship between patient and medical professional, where both operate as a team committed to optimal health? Listen in and follow another stimulating discussion…

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