S03E07 Sovereignty

Heart Based Medicine
Heart Based Medicine
S03E07 Sovereignty

What is your interpretation of personal sovereignty? How do you express it in your own life? In episode 7, our four co-hosts dig into its deeper meaning and how it can be applied to dissolving the systems that do not function well in medicine.

Doctors Ruby Shah, Dan Dinenberg and Jan Bonhoeffer discuss how opening the portal of our hearts can lead to the type of sovereignty which has the capacity to change the future of healthcare. Stephanie MoDavis approaches the topic from a patient’s perspective, considering ways we can embody a more authentic state and become the authors of our own lives.

Instead of toughening up to become more resilient, surrendering to the internal tenderness that true self-compassion brings allows us to respond more intuitively and be more present. This flexibility could be the new definition of personal sovereignty. What do you think? Tune in for a meaningful conversation…

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