S03E06 Self-Awareness

Heart Based Medicine
Heart Based Medicine
S03E06 Self-Awareness

Have you ever pondered who you are? What is this sense of self that exists outside of you, yet is aware of everything you think, feel and do? We’re going deep in Episode 6 of Heart of Healthcare, exploring these existential questions with co-hosts Jan, Dan, Ruby and Stephanie.

This week we’re seeking to understand how self awareness translates to the medical field, and how this deeper sentience can lead to a sense of personal sovereignty within the healthcare environment.

By being more vulnerable and deliberately bringing our various selves into the equation, perhaps there is an opportunity to connect more authentically with each other and deepen our understanding. It may even save that most valuable commodity – time – as we could potentially reach diagnoses more quickly.

Another enthralling discussion! Listen in and see if you agree or disagree with the panel’s direction of travel this week.

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