S03E05 Resonance

Heart Based Medicine
Heart Based Medicine
S03E05 Resonance

In our 5th fascinating episode of Heart of Healthcare, Doctors Jan Bonhoeffer, Dan Dinenberg and Ruby Shah co-host with Stephanie MoDavies to unpack the art of resonance. If resonance is a field of unity, a shared space which generates a mutual recognition of coexistence, what place does it hold in medicine?

One of the most common complaints from patients is that they often don’t feel heard, seen or fully understood. As healthcare professionals, taking the time to unshackle from our expectations and broaden our perspective outside the narrow focus of our medical training can make it easier to move into resonance and attune with our patients.

Conditioning sometimes restricts physicians to thinking, feeling and behaving in a certain way whereas allowing a shared experience of resonance brings more equality to the relationship between doctor and patient.

What would happen if all interactions in hospitals, doctors’ offices and therapy rooms encouraged such a profound connection? Listen in to find out the team’s informed conclusions this week.

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