S03E02 Purpose In Pain

Heart Based Medicine
Heart Based Medicine
S03E02 Purpose In Pain

In episode 2, Doctors Jan Bonhoeffer and Dan Dinenberg are joined by co-hosts Stephanie MoDavis and Dr Ruby Shah, Texas-based founders of Awakening Healthcare. Stephanie takes the patient’s perspective while Ruby will be assuming the standpoint of a physician. Jan will explore the conversation from the perspective of the system, while Dan’s viewpoint will be that of a holistic healer and guide.

The team are discussing the results of suffering and its role in medicine and our lives. Suffering is often seen as the enemy, something to be prevented at all costs, however, it can play a vital role in strengthening and educating us. With so many layers and different experiences of suffering, it might be helpful to devote more time to understanding its purpose. Perhaps we are missing an opportunity to allow it a seat at the table? If so, how does that alter the paradigm in which patients are treated?

Another fascinating range of perspectives on a topic that is likely to affect us all at some point in our lives…

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