S01E08 – The Science and Lore of Intuitive Medicine with Dr Jacqueline Chan

Holistic medicine physician Dr Jacqueline Chan explains how you can optimise your physiology and prevent disease by harmonising your electromagnetic field.

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Jan: Hello everyone! I am really pleased today to introduce a very special guest to today’s podcast. I’m very pleased to introduce Dr. Jacqueline Chan. Hi Jacqueline.

Jacqueline: Hi Jan! Thank you!

Jan: Thank you for joining today, so Jacqueline it’s a great honor to have you in this conversation. I have already learned a lot and I thought that so many other colleagues will learn a lot and benefit from hearing your experience from what you do. So you’re actually a board-certified holistic medicine physician and you will explain to us a little bit more what this actually is and means and you’re in many ways, this is already explained by that you’re a member of the functional medicine institute or institute of functional medicine and a faculty member of the intuition medicine.

Jacqueline: Energy Medicine University. Sorry, yes at the Academy at the Intuition of Medicine.

Jan: Yes and a professor at the Energy Medicine University. So this is really interesting and this is a very, from the world that I’m coming in, this is a very unusual combination of societies and institutes and it’s certainly an area of medicine that I’m not very familiar with. And I believe though that it is really relevant to heart-based medicine. So maybe to get everybody on the same page, maybe you could explain to us a little bit how does functional medicine, intuitive medicine, energy medicine complement what we would otherwise describe as let’s say biomechanics medicine or mainstream medicine or lifestyle medicine?

Jacqueline: Thank you so much Jan and I just want to say before I start that I really respect and honor what you’re doing and what you’re galvanizing and creating here is heart-based medicine and I’m just thrilled with it. So to answer your question, life sciences, biomechanics, you know, we go through medical school and we learn about anatomy as the skeletal, muscular, and organ system and chemistry and the blood. And then most of our tools are surgery and pharmaceuticals. And lifestyle, you know diet and exercise of which we learn very little about and it’s mostly disease-oriented so first you have to use the labs to find the disease and then you find the drug that treats the disease and this really ignores the branches of medicine that have been resistant for thousands of years before we ever got a drug in the medical field and so those fields like ayurvedic medicine which is about 7,000 years old and Chinese medicine, you are considered a bad doctor if any of your patients were sick. So the idea was to prevent diseases.

So what I love about functional medicine is it’s really looking at how can we optimize physiology by kind of cleaning up the system and supporting the system and we’re going to support the system through a natural need so looking at for example a particular nutraceutical that can change genomic expression, genomic expression it’s called nutrigenomics. So we’ve learned that there are genes and we used to think that genes dictated the outcome of your health, right? But now we know that genes are adaptable and that they’re plastic and that they change their genetic expression based on the environment that they’re in and the environment that the institute of functional medicine, natural medicine look is predominately I would say kind of nutritional and making sure that toxins aren’t involved that interfere with hormones and things of that nature and so for example if we know that N-acetylcysteine is the rate-limiting step to making glutathione and glutathione is the most powerful antioxidant in your liver and in your brain then taking a very high amount of N-acetylcysteine more than you would get by eating food, will push that enzyme reaction and make more glutathione in your body. So what I love about natural medicine and functional medicine is it’s really looking at optimizing physiology and trying to help prevent cancer, prevent autoimmune disease, prevent rheumatoid arthritis, or someone has an autoimmune disease kind of cleaning up all those places to help them.

And then where energy medicine comes in, is acknowledging that there’s another whole piece of the anatomy called the biofield or our subtle energy anatomy. And the biofield is a term that was coined in the 1980s by Beverly Rubick who is actually a co-principal research investigator with a research study I did from the NIH. And she really saw that you know our body is made of electromagnetic fields and we know that from when we do an EKG if someone has chest pain or an EEG to diagnose seizures. So we know that we have electrical components but we never think of them as a form of treatment or how important it is and I think we all remember mitochondria and the Krebs cycle and the electron transport chain and oxygen delivering electrons and making a TP and we need a TP to generate every single enzyme reaction in our body. Well, that actually is based on electricity, electrons and so, later on, we discovered that for example, Fritz Popp was a physicist who discovered that the DNA and cancer cells become incoherent and non-harmonic and scrambles light and starts showing confusion you know, in a way that we’re realizing that there is an important aspect to the natural voltage in ourselves and I’m sure cardiologists understand a lot about calcium ion gated bolted channels and things like that.

We understand that language but if we, one thing that we have not been taught is that you can actually manipulate your own electromagnetic field through your own meditation and intent and there’s this specific process for that and you can create for coherence in your body and when you create more coherence in your body, the first thing that happens is the balancing of the central nervous system. So it’s calming down the synthetic fight or flight and it’s increasing the pair of synthetic and we already know with that there’s a whole slew of health benefits because we know that with elevated stress hormones you have increased inflammation, you have a depletion of the neurotransmitters in the brain, insomnia and then insomnia results in all these other health depletions and we know that balancing that can be excellent. You know?

I remember when I was in Germany I went to the baths in Baden-Baden and you know, they bathe you and they scrub you and you go in a sauna and it’s like God, these Germans have it figured out! So you know, so we know spas and things of that nature, just going to the beach and relaxing, that’s the way kind of the world gave us a gift. We all know how powerful it is to recoup or have a good night’s sleep. It doesn’t take a neurosurgeon to understand that, you don’t have to be a quantum physicist to understand that but what’s really happening when we get in that relaxed state is we’re actually developing a coherent field and that coherent field that is most subtle level. If we were going to take a microscope and really look at, what is she talking about? What is that? That’s the recognition that aside from our physical body, our muscles, our bones, our nerves, our organs, our blood, and everything in our blood, our veins, interstitial fluid, and intercellular matrix all of that. Outside of that there’s something that’s communication, there’s an information exchange, right?

So what’s generating that information exchange? That information exchange is super important. I mean we all know blood circulation is super important and being in circulation. So that information exchange is being guided by an intelligence and that intelligence increases the more coherent you are and that you can develop and enhance your own coherence and then with training if you have the propensity to be a, I don’t like to use the word healer but some people are able to see the energy, anatomy, psychically which is one of my strange superpowers or skills. Then you can actually shift that and you’re shifting it with an energy that is a combination of your own enhanced divine energy with your compassion and with your intention with very clear boundaries, energetic boundaries and that is super powerful and that is what has allowed people to for example, in Chinese medical qigong which is like the Asian version, they can remove their final exam is to take their hand and put it over wine and to remove the alcohol from the wine and put it in water, a glass of water. That’s your final exam. Now six years of training about 6 hours a day of qigong to do that and I don’t have that kind of time but we don’t want to forget that one of the most powerful tools that has ever existed before we came up with drugs and before we came up with surgery and before we came up with electrical devices that you can plug in and give a frequency. One of the most powerful drugs is actually the own photonic energy that can come from our own body and that you can think of as laying on a pants.

Jan: Just explain two things to me a little bit so I can catch up to you. You were talking about the subtle energy of anatomy. What do you mean by that? You were kind of contrasting this with let’s say the anatomy we learned in medical school and there’s something in addition to that which is a subtle energy anatomy. Is this something similar to the anatomy I learned in medical school or is it all different?

Jacqueline: I would call it the chakras in the oracle field. So yoga, people who study yoga really understand this but there’s actually Valerie Hunt was a scientist who mapped out distinct changes that the area of the surface of the skin that correlated with 7 major areas in the body which correlate with your chakras and these are chakras are like transformers so basically they help transform high-frequency vibration and connect it to lower frequency vibration which is in the dense tissue and there is a link with meridians and meridian channels that have been proven to actually exist in acupuncture. So there are like energy lines, you know, we don’t see them but they are measurable with devices and they are distinctly different and what they’re both doing acupuncture, meridians, and chakras, what they’re both doing is they’re increasing the coherence. It’s like they’re integrating the information exchange in our body at all different levels: physical, emotional, and mental and spiritual.

Jan: Okay, it’s like an energetic connective tissue, if you’d like

Jacqueline: Yes! Perfect, that’s exactly what it is. So probably all of us can relate to let’s say, get in a car and it’s a Sunday and you’re going on a beautiful drive through the woods where you’re going to go hiking and you’re kind of daydreaming, so you’re sort of, when you’re out of that analytical mind, you’re daydreaming and then maybe you have an insight or an inspiration or something that pops in or maybe that happens to you when you’re listening to a symphony and you’re symphony we all understand how certain chords structures or musical chords can sound beautiful. We consider them beautiful, well they’re actually generating a coherent field, you know versus like a discord. That’s why musicians spend so much time tuning their piano to perfection or violin to perfection or their guitar needs to be tuned so you can tune your body in that same way. So let’s say you’re sitting in the symphony and then you get an insight or you get a creative inspiration and so what’s happening is you can think of it as your right brain. Your intuitive side of your right brain is online and that set of information is profoundly valuable. I mean profoundly valuable.

Jan: So what I hear from you is that you’re describing is like one the anatomy and physiology that we learned in medical school is kind of derived from our fives sense also described by the same anatomy and physiology. So there’s that realm and then there’s another layer or another possibility to receive, to perceive elements that are part of what makes up the human being that are not perceived through the five senses but they can be perceived and you’re describing this as an energetic awareness and that energetic awareness is able to be tuned and to be refined so that we can actually appreciate the harmony in the human body and see whether this harmony is still intact or not intact and then we can with intention work with this.

Jacqueline: Yes.

Jan: Thank you, you made it very clear. So let me just, you mentioned this, this is really fascinating. You mentioned the biofield and you were then kind of zooming in on the electromagnetic field and I’m wondering is this the biofield, the electromagnetic field? Or is there maybe more to it, you know?

Jacqueline: There’s more to it. So the biofield has three major subsections. One is the electromagnetic field, one is quantum fields, and the other is photonic light. And potential fields. I am not a quantum physicist so the best way I can describe it is that the laws, the physical laws that the physical body undergoes are different and opposite to the laws that the quantum fields undergo. So for example, probably we all remember what entropy is, entropy is without the addition of energy everything will go to chaos, over time there’s decay and then there’s chaos. What the etheric or quantum fields, the rules that they go by is that instead of opposites attracting and things of the same nature repelling, things of the same nature attract and things become more harmony and overtime they don’t go into entropy so it’s actually a complete opposite set of physics laws that this part of our subtle energy anatomy undergoes.

Jan: That’s really interesting. Now let me come from a slightly different angle and obviously we’re both not quantum physicists here so. To understand the kind of one-on-one of this. If I remember the history of how this came about so kind of Einstein’s idea, hypothesis, theorem. And then the group of physicists who are Planck, Bohr, Schrödinger, Heisenberg trying to actually prove this theory. I think Heisenberg I think came up with a complementarity, um, so was it or Bohr? It was Bohr actually I think that came up with the complementarity so you have waves and particles. So we have a way to look at the world to appreciate the world as particles, as a composite of particles and the way we learn classic anatomy and physiology is breaking down the body into its organ system, into its organs, into so on, so smaller, smaller, smaller until we arrive to the particular level so it’s a very kind of a deductive cartesian world model.

At the same time, there seems to be a different perspective of the same. I think that’s what Bohr was struggling with when they heard about what happens when we split when the nucleus is split. So when they discussed this, they were both describing the same phenomenon from different perspectives. This is, so what was reality, not truth, but what was reality could be described from two different perspectives. The way that you described energy medicine, let me call it now wave medicine, as being complementary to particle medicine, biomechanistic medicine, could this be that these are two different approaches looking at the same reality if you’d like or looking at the same thing but creating different realities, different perceptions of the same thing. Is that a possibility?

Jacqueline: Well, I think the way I’d like to answer your question is when quantum physics includes the power of the observer so in a Schrödinger’s cat experiment we know they observed that when you look at a wave and you put an observational intention, that wave becomes a particle. You almost affect the wave and it comes into solid reality. And you know, we’ve seen those posters like if you believe it you can achieve and we’ve heard those phrases from Buddha, your thoughts create your values, your values create your actions, your actions become your life. Right, so we all can understand that your intention can become and your values become what your life ends up looking like. And Professor William Tiller who was nearby me at Stanford, actually proved that our intention and our thoughts can change electron size and number which is unbelievable. He’s saying that our thoughts and our intentions actually change the number of electrons and this kind of ties in with placebo effect. We’ve all heard of the power of placebo effect, and no placebo effect. You know the doctor goes in and says, you have three months to live with this cancer and then that person dies. And then like sorry, it was the wrong diagnosis. Like the power of our belief system is profound and that’s because if no one had conceived to get on the moon and on a rocket, it never would’ve happened. So we all know that the power of the mind is profound and so quantum physics really includes that power where scientists, the cartesian model is let’s split our mind from it and we have to measure everything and that served it’s role and was valuable and we need to do that but we’re at a place because we understand quantum physics and we have quantum physicists because we are able to understand this wave-particle thing. That’s our new model of science and we kind of need to step into that.

Jan: Certainly a long way to go it seems like.

Jacqueline: Haha, well indigenous people have been doing it for ages. The ancient people, they would go into meditative state maybe they would take ayahuasca and they would understand that this tree leaf is going to treat diabetes. They would know, they would actually communicate with the herb and get the whole use of the herb, they’re not doing it through a microscope and through their logical mind. They are gaining information in a different way.

Jan: Yeah and this is what I guess homo sapiens have been doing at least for the time of existence before the last 200 years where we were going to this sort of excess, yeah. So it’s really interesting, so let me just see can we find an example or could you find an example where we’re saying, you know, following this thought of thoughts create reality. Thoughtforms create reality or you’re kind of touching on matter as such doesn’t exist. Matter exists obviously but not as such so there’s an intention behind this that does seem to create this so if that is so and you’re looking at your patients. Can you give us an example of something that has a biomedical name, you know a diagnosis could actually be seen through a different lens and that leads to a different approach and possibly a different level of the healing process. Talking about energy blockages, maybe a thoughtform creates an energy block, that creates signs and symptoms, signs and symptoms have a medical name. You get the question? Could you give us an example of it so we really see this?

Jacqueline: So I have two good examples. One is a patient came in with shoulder pain, acromioclavicular, he had it for three months. He could not extend his arm and put a shirt on and he had been to an orthopedic surgeon who injected a steroid and it didn’t do anything or maybe it helped like 5 or 10 percent. And so, I’m trained in osteopathic medicine so I did my shoulder movements and clavicle release and all of this. And he still had a lot of pain and I said well look I just graduated from the academy of intuitive medicine would you feel comfortable if I totally switched gears and I’m going to create an energetic sacred space around you and I’m going to use my hands and I’m not going to touch you. I’m going to just float my hands above you and look through my palms at what’s going on and what I saw was a lot of energy that had built up in the shoulder areas on both sides but predominately on the left side that was not from him. It was actually all the energy from clients he had been working on because he quit be an accountant and he started becoming a massage therapist and he was a very empathic kind of sweet, gentle person and I said to him, “you’ve got to release this energy built up”. And I basically helped him see what the issue was and then once he had the understanding of what the issues was, he was able to completely with my guidance sort of release all of that energy, and all of his pain went away and it never came back. So he actually left the office with all the pain.

The second example was a woman who was a therapist who came to me with neck pain and she had been to chiropractor, she’d been to acupuncture, it had been at least two months of treatment. And I lay there on the table, I created a sacred space and what I saw was a black like a cord in her neck and there was a man associated with it and I said is there something, you know, the neck is about communication, I said is there something that you’re having difficulty with, with a particular man in your life? And she said yes, it’s my husband. So I said let’s take a look at that. And I saw that there is something that she needed to understand at an emotional level about her husband which was this, she came to the understanding that her solution was to have couples’ therapy and what his solution was to have more fun together. Not more therapy, but more fun. And so when we came to that clarity all the pain went away and the next time I saw her the relationship with her husband was dramatically different and she said I followed what you told me to do which was to start having fun and not do more therapy. And you know so, we’ve probably all encountered a patient where the pain is actually a message. It’s like a life message. Rachel Naomi Reman wrote a book “Kitchen Table Wisdom” which was all these stories of patients and how their situation was a life message for them that they needed to, the beauty of it is, sometimes the illness isn’t there to be fixed really quick. Sometimes it’s there because it’s the only way that person’s going to stop and change something in their life and then that’s where the blessing comes in and I think physicians really knew how to do that and include that in your differential diagnosis if you will. Life circumstance, relationships, and energy medicine allows you to see the oracle feel and the chakras in such a way that those other things can be addressed.

Jan: Beautiful

Jacqueline: Factors.

Jan: Wow, Jacqueline this is really fascinating. I’m really fascinated and you know it would be so easy to just disregard all of this. It would be so easy from a biomechanical trained mind just to say like uh, this is so bogus! This is just like yeah yeah. So basically dismiss everything just because it doesn’t fit the frame and I see this done a lot and there’s certainly a temptation to do so because it makes things so easy if you just you know, it makes your world much simpler and a lot of the cartesian world model is the very notable aim to make things simpler so we can understand questions. Now if we want to be a real scientist and this is a bit of a call to my colleagues who are brushing all of this away. If we want to be a true scientist we would like to accept this as a hypothesis to be tested. We have two very, very strong reasons to have this hypothesis of energy of medicine to be, to remain here as a hypothesis to be tested and to be further explored and better understood. One is that the bio, the kind of particular medicine we talked about is only 200 years old or something, they were really going into this seriously. So it’s a very young science if you’d like. The intuitive medicine, so where healing powers of plans or behavioral healing was perceived and received and intuited see, that is much older that as old as the human species. And now actually there are structured attempts, so there’s, you described, okay there’s ayurvedic, there’s traditional Chinese medicine qigong, and now there’s within the western world there’s now an institute of intuitive medicine an academy of intuitive medicine and there’s an energy medicine university. So there’s now really academic, kind of rigorous science that approaches to seek can we in spite of the different perspectives, waves, and particles, can we actually integrate those two? So a little bit like as this effort is going on within the realm of physics, there’s a very similar or parallel integrated effort is going on within the realm of medicine and this is really, really interesting. There’s very new medicine from our young medicine’s perspective. So, thank you. Thanks a lot for outlining these, the understand behind energy medicine, and how it complements particular medicine, and thanks for sharing your experience. We really hope to learn more from you in the time to come and we already talked about working together and developing courses together so that this experience and this energetic awareness that you were talking is something that can actually be learned and can be experienced by those who are interested.

Jacqueline: And Jan, I would just like to add that this ability is natural and each one of us have it, we really do. It’s just been unsupported in our lives and become like a vestigial but we all have a sixth sense. We all do. And probably almost everyone you talk to could name at least one intuitive or synchronicity event they’ve had in their life and how magical and joyous it may seem. Like oh my gosh and it’s all over in the movies and the novels, but there’s a slew of scientist that I could name and I think we’re at time but there’s a lot of science to support this.

Jan: Thank you, thanks a lot! So if people wanted to, I guess several people in the community will have questions and will love to follow up with you, maybe ask you additional questions. How could people be in contact with you if they have additional questions for you?

Jacqueline: The best place is to email me through my website which is www.drjacqueline.com and there’s no period after the Dr it’s just Dr Jacqueline.

Jan: Thank you! Thanks a lot, that’s really wonderful. We’ll also put the link under this episode. Thanks a lot.

Jacqueline: Thank you, take care!