Holiday Greetings from Heart Based Center

Heart Based Medicine
Heart Based Medicine
Holiday Greetings from Heart Based Center
When you are basing your entire approach to another person on the connection between both of your hearts, the outcome is healing. Love is the medicine.
Welcome to the special edition of the Heart of Healthcare podcast.
We believe that…true healing happens only when we are connected and practicing with love from our hearts.
We believe that…you can let yourself love people, and also dare to care about people. That It takes courage to open your heart, and to feel love.
We believe that…every heart-led action creates a ripple effect which has the power to change the world. To heal.
And these beliefs are what drives Heart-Based Medicine in all things.
Now, imagine a center that embodies all of these beliefs…and more.
Welcome to the Heart Based Center, nestled in the heart of Basel Switzerland. The first of it’s kind.
What you will hear next is a heartfelt discussion by our two Therapists, Andrea Gardner and Fiona Cox, sharing their experiences of the past few months that have taken place. We hope you enjoy the conversation.

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