Organizational Partnership Program

Partnership Program

Does your brand or service align with the
Heart Based Medicine vision?

Heart Based Medicine values healthcare as it should be - from the heart and filled with compassion. Too often, protocol, high tech and paperwork take the human touch out of providing patient care. Heart Based Medicine’s worldwide community of doctors, nurses, and other healthcare providers work together to create and share methods of human-centered care where the doctor/patient relationship is the keystone to healing.

We’re always looking to expand this global network and community by partnering with brands that are relevant to our values and complements what we stand for - compassionate healthcare.

If you have a product or service that aligns with Heart Based Medicine’s mission, we’d like to talk to you about developing a partnership and relationship that’s beneficial to both of our organizations.

Our Partners

Some areas where we could connect:

Be a podcast guest

Be a guest blogger

Conduct research

Co-create trainings

Leverage the network

Be a Summit Partner

Build brand awareness
through social platforms

Support the mission


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