The Heart Based Medicine Foundation (HBM) believes there is a more effective way to care for patients and support healthcare professionals. We are driven to create educational resources which will evolve a new model of healthcare based on creating therapeutic alliances within clinical environments. 

As many as 4 in 10 patients globally are harmed in primary and outpatient healthcare while up to 80% of this harm is preventable. Patient dissatisfaction is also running high, with 45% of patients expressing concern about the standard of care in hospitals.

The suicide rate amongst doctors is more than twice that of the general population and 45% of resident physicians experience burnout.  While more than 90% of healthcare professionals start their career enthusiastically, 50% of medical students are displaying signs of burnout by the end of their training. By the middle of their career, only 30% of physicians would advise their children to follow in their footsteps. 


- we practice together, trustworthiness, what creates it, and is it the result of our speech & action or DEEPER?

- because of your authenticity

- We are not striving for anything

- We learn about acceptance, and how it's an active role.

- Explore ways in which doing is informed by being vs planning or deduction.

- it takes courage + trust. Because it means you trust in something you aren't in control of...

The course is not about deceleration or meditation, it's about listening to your heart & exploring it deeply.

The medical studies have pushed you to the limits of cognitive studies.

The scholarly approach/determination/intention is what we want to bring to exploring the heart....

There is no end to cognitive learning

if we settle for medicocrity we end up in endless to do lists.

Take you into the discomfort zone.

How do you string two heartful moments together?

It's not a continuous state.

Radical step inwards towards personal sovereignty.


The training of Health care professionals is based on the transfer of knowledge and training of skills. It is exactly this knowledge that is in the way of providing healing beyond cure. There is an urgent need to complement the current medical education with the training and care.

The Heart-Based Medicine Essentials Course is addressing this need. It allows health care professionals to build resilience based on a new understanding of self-care and to experience the impact of creating a resonant field as the basis of a therapeutic alliance.


The Healer’s Way is a 12-week CME-accredited online course which will develop the knowledge acquired in medical school to embrace a state of ‘being while doing’. Specific techniques and step by step practices will be taught that enhance and preserve the wellbeing of participants so that they can show up as a vital healing presence in the lives of their patients.

Delivered by specialists who have practiced long enough to distill their experience into a high-yield program, this course will speak directly to healthcare professionals who are feeling disempowered by their profession and are seeking a more self-determined and fulfilling approach to medicine. The course will be delivered online as 12 weekly 1-hour webinars, supported by a further hour of guided practice per week.