Dr Bonhoeffer is the founder of Heart Based Medicine, a global network of healthcare professionals and patients exploring the natural healing potential of the healthcare provider and the patient. He inspires medical professionals to reclaim empathy and compassion as primary facets of healing to overcome the disillusion and burnout they often encounter in today’s mechanized medical culture.

Topics he frequently discusses include:
* Caring for Our Caregivers and Combatting Medical Burnout
* Inoculating Ourselves Against the “Pandemic of Fear”
* The Most Important Part of Being a Doctor
* Empathy Over Authority: What Patients Really Need
* How Healthcare Professionals Can Guard Against Burnout and Provide Better Care

Dr Bonhoeffer founded Heart Based Medicine to help the many healthcare professionals who are exhausted, disillusioned, and suffering from PTSD in the pandemic. He notes that rates of burnout, divorce, and suicide among healthcare professionals are twice as high as in the population they serve. Many medical errors are attributed to lack of care, and patients are dissatisfied with the model of healthcare delivery.

“We aim to facilitate a radically fresh look at the medical system,” he says. “We empower healthcare professionals to take care of themselves and realign their daily work with their true purpose. This allows healthcare professionals to be more effective and enables patients to heal at a deeper level.”


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