In Memoriam

The Caring Clown

A dear member of our community sadly passed away recently and will be sorely missed. Margaret McCathie was a vibrant soul, kind-hearted with an encouraging word for everyone. If a single word could sum her up it would be sunshine. Laughter was her calling card and on our regular Zoom calls, we would usually hear her chuckling before we could see her! 

Margaret was one of the earliest supporters of Heart Based Medicine and one of our special guests at the 2019 Summit in San Francisco. We remember her being so excited to be part of the event because it meant a reunion with her friend and mentor Dr Patch Adams, who also believes that laughter is the best medicine. Margaret trained with Patch many years ago at the Gesundheit Institute and we were able to capture some footage of them both revisiting their hospital clowning days together. 

We would like to extend our sincere condolences to her family and husband Kenny. We were blessed to know such a true advocate of heart-based healing.

With love

Jan and the Heart Based Medicine Team