Heartful Half Hour

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Running on empty? Gather strength within a circle of healthcare professionals.

The Heartful Half Hour

Looking for a safe space to recharge and draw strength to support you in your daily work? Every Wednesday we’ll be gathering on a Zoom call for health professionals from 9-9:30pm CEST, sharing guided practices to connect with our hearts and re-energize.

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This Week's Guest - Seth Gardner

You’re invited to a 30-Minute group live session with mindfulness coach Seth Gardner. Seth Gardner will guide a practice that significantly increases resonance between patients and practitioners.

We are a circle of healthcare professionals and we’d love you to join us this Wednesday from 9-9:30pm CEST.

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Heartful Half Hour Contributors

Pascal Strauss is an Entrepreneur and Head of Learning & Development at Syngeon in Luxemburg, where he specializes in creating Learning Organisations. He works with universities and schools and his mission is to close the gap between knowledge and experience, focusing on tangible tools for turning fear into power. https://syngeon.eu/

Pascal Strauss

Anja Steensig is a heart-mentor, international speaker and Danish TV personality who helps people harness the power of their heart to vanquish fear and make a difference. http://anjasteensig.com/

Anja Steensig

Dr. Dan Dinenberg is a rare blend of exceptional UCSF training with board certifications in Family Medicine and the American Board of Integrative Medicine, energy worker, Doctor of functional medicine and intuitive heart-based healer. Dr Dan is currently leading bespoke health journeys for clients wanting to optimize their health and wellness. https://drdandinenberg.com/

Dr. Dan Dinenberg

Systemic Constellation Work facilitator, is also is a long-time student of many healing practices including the Marriage of Spirit with Leslie Temple-Thurston where she learned and practiced the tools offered on these calls for the last 25 years. https://knowingfielddesigns.com/about-diana-claire-douglas/

Diana Claire Douglas

Jan Bonhoeffer is Founder of Heart Based Medicine, a global network of health care professionals and patients exploring the natural healing potential of the health care provider and the patient.

Jan Bonhoeffer

Seth Gardner is an established Mindfulness Coach and Author. He came to share the Mindfulness RAIN principle for Heartful Half Hour.

Seth Gardner

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