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Intensive Caring

When you are basing your entire approach to another person on the connection between both of your hearts, the outcome is healing. Prior to the summer, two of our Heart Based Medicine team, were fortunate enough to live this philosophy…

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Frank About Health

On this episode of Frank About Health, Prof Dr Jan Bonhoeffer speaks with Frank Harrison about compassionate healing. This show aims to educate and empower about the healthcare topic of the day. Starting with Epilepsy and Mental Health and working…

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In Memoriam

A dear member of our community sadly passed away recently and will be sorely missed. Margaret McCathie was a vibrant soul, kind-hearted with an encouraging word for everyone. If a single word could sum her up it would be sunshine.…

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Pain As a Messenger

Exploring the idea that physical pain has meaning, and often negativity are messengers and how they can be dissipated if we are willing to dig deeper. Listen in as Prof Dr Jan Bonhoeffer shares his thoughts, learnings and wisdom

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