Our Team

At the heart of our foundation are dedicated professionals from a wide range of disciplines, who are co-creating the vision of evolving healthcare.

These generous souls are the team that keeps the lifeblood flowing to the heart-well of support and inspiration that is Heart-Based Medicine. What unites us is our love for this mission. And what excites us is the potential for change when we all share our gifts.

Prof Dr Jan Bonhoeffer

Foundation Board

Andreas Thomma

Foundation Board

Andrea Frank

Foundation Board

Dr Dan Dinenberg

Faculty & Podcast Co-Host

Arjuna Ardagh

 Faculty & Summit Speaker

Uwe Ratz

Faculty & Coach

Andrea Gardner


Melanie Frome


Anne Garcia


Salome Stäuble


"There's no such thing as being alone in the universe, and so there's no such thing as creating alone."

Our International Heart-Beats

We are blessed to have connected with many other heart-led practitioners around the world.

Prof Dr Kavitha Chinnaiyan

Podcast Panelist & Summit Speaker

Stephanie MoDavis

Podcast Co-Creator

Ruby Shah

Podcast Co-Creator

Dr Patch Adams

Summit 2019 Keynote Speaker

Dr John Gray

Summit 2019 Speaker

Daniel Schmachtenberger

Summit 2019 Speaker

Bence Ganti

Summit 2019 Speaker

Deborah Rozman

Summit 2019 Speaker

Dr Jorina Elbers

Summit 2019 Speaker

Anat Baniel

Summit 2019 Speaker

Dr Karena Wu

Summit 2019 Speaker

Steve D'Annunzio

Summit 2019 Speaker

Master Chunyi Lin

Summit 2019 Speaker

Heart of Healthcare Podcast Guests

Heart-led conversations with thought leaders and medical mavericks from around the world.

Team and Heart Based Collective Disclaimer

Aligned with the principle of co-creation and curiosity and the mission of this foundation, we seek earnest and well-considered perspectives on topics from all sides of an issue and through the lens of different disciplines. Our Heart Based Collective all support the foundation's central aim of better public education and dialogue: that does not mean they agree with or endorse every perspective in each article we write, nor does Heart Based Medicine necessarily agree with or endorse all the perspectives on issues each of them may have shared in other places.

Similarly, while everyone on the team contributes to the project and is aligned with the mission as a whole, that does not mean each piece represents the view of each team member, nor that the personal posts of team members elsewhere online represent the views of the project.

The views expressed in the articles are those of Heart Based Medicine as an organization, which assumes full responsibility for the content.