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Despite advances in medical science and technology, improved quality control and tighter regulations, we are seeing a loss of something equally vital in healthcare. Heart -- the deep human connection that makes true healing possible.

Recognising that wellbeing and compassionate connection need to be prioritized for doctors, nurses, caregivers and their patients to thrive, Heart Based Medicine was founded by Prof. Dr Jan Bonhoeffer in 2017 to raise awareness and provide tangible support for overwhelmed medical professionals working in an imbalanced healthcare system.

Our Vision is to guide a global healing movement and intentional community towards a collaborative and compassionate future of medicine.

Our Mission is to provide a forum where methods of human-centred care are shared, and the keystone to healing is the practitioner/patient relationship.

We are …                           We are guided by…

heartful                                 presence, compassion, kindness

responsible                          high standards of care, respect, flexibility

connected                            mindfulness, openness, appreciation

authentic                              integrity, transparency, trust

visionary                              inspiration, courage, understanding


We grew from... a vision held by our founder Dr Jan Bonhoeffer in 2017. Seeing burnout, divorce and suicide rates climbing amongst healthcare professionals even before the pandemic, it was clear that the practice of medicine was being called to evolve. In 2020 Heart-Based Medicine was established as an international non-profit Foundation and active practicing community as a response to that call.

We believe that...true healing happens only when we are connected and practicing with love from our hearts. That authentic 'health-care' is a possibility only when doctors, nurses and therapists embody the spirit of vitality that their patients are seeking. And that an overburdened healthcare system can only rebalance when the teams that fuel it are supported in their wellbeing. We rely on funding to develop courses and resources, and to deliver much-needed support to healthcare professionals around the world.

We are deeply grateful for every contributionThank you for yours.

Vision Without Action is Merely a Dream

Here's WHAT WE ARE DOING to help usher in a new era of medicine. Add your heartbeat to the collective and let's see what miracles we can create together!

The Minds Behind the Movement

A vision can only be realized when it's shared. This team of compassionate co-creators keep us moving forward with love in our hearts and a fire in our bellies.

Prevent physician suicide and burnout

Recognizing that the suicide rate of healthcare professionals is double that of the general population and that approximately 50% of medical students will experience burnout in their final year, our community offers training, information and resources that promote physician health and wellbeing.

Expose exploitation and protect patients

A culture of martyrdom and litigation is creating casualties and threatening patient safety. Medical professionals are not superhuman, despite training and working environments that demand a great deal. Heart based practitioners take active steps to learn from their mistakes, ask for help, make balanced decisions and expose unrealistic expectations.

Empower our Patients

Patients deserve to be seen as people, not just problems to be solved. True empathy empowers us to step outside our professional roles and enter into a therapeutic alliance with them. When we resonate in mutual trust without abandoning our medical wisdom, we co-create a healing environment.

Keep our Balance

We take full responsibility for tending our inner flame. Instead of blaming the system and its culture of indifference, we draw strength from actively engaging with our colleagues, patients and loved ones to maintain balance and harmony.

Promote Peace, not War

Harsh words don’t heal. We believe in promoting health rather than fighting disease which is why we use compassionate language to communicate.