2019 – A Year in Review

Whew! What a year! Bringing more heart into medicine is our passion and we’re delighted that so many people share that dream. In 2019 we launched the Heart Based Medicine website with the vision of caring for the health professionals and becoming a practising community that promotes the health and wellbeing of medical professionals throughout the world.

That vision is on its way to becoming a reality and we’re starting to spread the word through podcasts, interviews, blog posts and word of mouth.

The highlight of the year had to be the Heart Based Medicine Summit in San Francisco where we gathered to share with heart-driven medical professionals and thought-leaders from around the world. You can now get access to all 10 speakers’ sessions for free when you sign up here.

You’re invited to share your story or join our private Facebook group if you want to be part of the conversation. And if you feel inspired to start a supportive community in your area and can commit to a monthly Zoom call, contact us for some resources.

Here’s to a healthy and loving 2020!

Dr. Jan Bonhoeffer.

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