YOU are the key to healing

Every patient benefits from compassionate health care by 2030.

Heart Based Medicine values healthcare as it should be - from the heart and filled with compassion. Too often, protocol and paperwork take the human touch out of providing patient care. Heart Based Medicine’s worldwide community of doctors, nurses, and other healthcare providers work together to create and share methods of human-centered care where the doctor/patient relationship is the keystone to healing.

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Are you following your calling?

Remember when you decided to dedicate your life to helping others heal? In that precious moment, every cell in your body KNEW EXACTLY how you could best serve humanity! You took that message to heart and trained hard to become a doctor, nurse, or other healthcare provider..

Do you still feel that excitement today?

Are you following your calling to care, be present, and heal? Or have you settled for your role in the healthcare system, going through the motions and following protocol?

Heart Based Medicine is a community of health care professionals who know that the initial spark is still within them, and want to realign their daily work with their true purpose.

If that sounds like you, join us.

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We have a scholar’s attitude – not knowing is our inspiration to listen deeply

We promote the health of human beings – disease might be on the way

We ARE the key to healing,
more than what we DO

We treat people – not diagnoses

We anticipate vulnerability and act with compassion

We believe the doctor-patient relationship is the most important thing in the exam room

We aren’t afraid to rock the boat to do what’s right

We recognize that current lore is tomorrow’s ridicule

We remember why we went into health care in the first place

We give ourselves permission to love

Together we’re stronger

At Heart Based Medicine, we promise to:

... Strengthen your resolve to bring your true healing gifts to the world
... Provide a platform for medical professionals to meet and share ideas
... Collate field-tested methods of heart-based healing and create new ones
... Establish an online resource with tools and trusted sources to support your work

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If you’ve ever been a patient we’d love to hear your story.

Were you met with warm understanding, clinical efficiency or cool indifference? How did it make you feel, and in what way did it influence your experience?

Tell us your story and join the movement.

Learn more, meet with like-hearted colleagues and offer your expertise

Get access to 5 Heart Based Medicine inspirations that fit into your everyday routine.


By signing up you agree to our privacy policy.