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The Heart-Based Medicine Foundation, founded in Switzerland in 2020 by Prof. Jan Bonhoeffer, MD, is an international, non-profit science-based initiative of committed people who combine their professional expertise with knowledge about the healing power of love.


After 20 years of clinical service, leading international research consortia, and advising international health organizations such as the World Health Organization (WHO), founder Prof. Jan Bonhoeffer, MD, concluded that most of the suffering in the world is not due to unclean water and infectious diseases, but a lack of love. Heart-Based Medicine in all areas of healthcare is the answer and will be the future of medicine.


An environment where people worldwide are empowered and encouraged to shape their journey to optimal health by attuning to love as a source of energy and change.


Develop and promote Heart-Based Medicine as a relevant health expertise through basic and applied research, education, and training and to establish and cultivate a global Heart-Based Medicine Network.

How we see ourselves

We are a globally active, charitable, and tax-exempt non-profit organization with Swiss roots. We drive a systemic change in people’s understanding of health and aim to achieve a comprehensive and lasting social impact. We seek to advance science and work seamlessly in academic, health policy, corporate and professional networks.

We are also a non-denominational and politically neutral organization. We are a professional and learning organization. We trust in love and face the challenge of living with love every day.

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Prof. Dr. Jan Bonhoeffer blowing bubbles with young female patient

Our Method

Heart-Based Medicine is a competency of healthcare professionals that can be taught, acquired, and studied like any other proficiency. It enables healthcare professionals to harmonize their expertise with the compassionate wisdom of their heart. People experience this as a liberating feeling of affection, appreciation, and care. This in turn encourages them to use love as a source of energy and change. 


Dare to Care: How to Survive and Thrive in Today's Medical World was written by Dr Jan Bonhoeffer and Arjuna Ardagh, imparting wisdom, experience, and compassion


Listen in as we invite medical professionals and thought-leaders to discuss approaches that impact positively on physicians and patients.


A library of useful values-based tools, heartful practices, stories and expert interviews to offer motivation, compassion and guidance.

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