What is Heart-Based Medicine?

Heart Based Medicine is what happens when healthcare professionals align the knowledge in their heads with the compassionate wisdom of their hearts. Refreshed and revived by the methods we teach, they are empowered to serve vitality from a full cup. It's experienced by patients as a sense of being deeply considered and cared for.

And it's the future of medicine.

Our Vision is that Heart-Based Medicine will be adopted as the exemplary standard of care in hospitals and clinics around the world by 2030. We are grateful for YOUR HELP as we establish centers of excellence, transformational training programs, research studies and inspirational gatherings, in service to this vision.


79% of employees have experienced work-related stress


By the end of their training, more than 50% of medical students are displaying signs of burnout.

1 in 7

10-19 year-olds experience mental health conditions, including anxiety, depression and overwhelm.

What Can We Do For You?

Frustrated patient or depleted healthcare professional? Browse our free resources to learn a heart-based practice or experience calm in a hectic day. If you're in Basel, book an Intensive Caring session at our new center. And if you're serious about changing the way you practice medicine, enrol on one of our online courses or connect with like-hearted visionaries at a gathering near you.

Heart-Based Resources

A library of useful values-based tools, heartful practices, stories and expert interviews to keep you strong, healthy and motivated. Whether you prefer to read, watch or listen to inspirational content on-the-go, we've got you covered.

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